In this assignment, you are required to create an AWS Organization.  The AWS Organization will enable you to centrally manage all your AWS Accounts covering security features, compliance as well as benefiting from Consolidated Billing.

The following are your key tasks:

Create an AWS organization

  1. From your AWS Master Account (which you should have created as part of a previous lab), create a New AWS Organization
  2. Once successfully created, create two Organization Units (OUs) – Development OU and Production OU


Invite Development Account to Organization

  1. Invite the AWS Development Account you created in your previous Assignment
  2. Ensure you accept the invitation from the Development Account while logged in as the root user in the Development Account
  3. Next, Log back into your Master Account and confirm that the Development Account is part of the Organization
  4. Next, move the Development Account into the Development OU


Create Production Account in Organization

  1. Create a new AWS Account which will be your ‘Production Account’. Note, you will need a new email account for this.
  2. Finally, ensure that you add the Production Account to the Production OU in the Organization

To complete the Assignment, submit a screenshot embedded in a Word Document or as Jpg in the LMS.